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Factory Audit & Inspection  


  • Do you have a supplier in mind but need someone you can trust to audit them?
  • Got a production line down?
  • Want to understand the root cause of failures?
  • Do you need final product inspection prior to shipment?
  • Save travel costs and hire a manufacturing expert instead.

3 On-site Factory Visits


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Factory Support Per Month

Let me build your product for you from beginning to end

  • Let us build your product for you from start to finish.
  • Travel costs are included in the package. Far cheaper than sending your team when you consider salaries, benefits, and travel costs.
  • We manage projects for a minimum duration of three months.
  • We inspect everything including third-party suppliers to ensure your projects run smoothly.
  • We coordinate requests from long lead time parts to packaging.
  • We work on your terms and to your schedule, giving you higher status in the manufacturing world.

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Our factory visit service packages are a cost-effective way to manage suppliers. The package includes a video call before, during, and after the visit, and a detailed audit report with photographs. We have our own audit report template with a special section that is determined by you.

You’ll need our factory visit service at least three times during production. The best part? The entire package is cheaper than travel expenses to Asia.

1. Factory audit prior to purchasing from an unknown source, including: 2. Inspection during production, including: 3. Final inspection prior to payment and shipping, including:
Key staff and quality processes Holistic review of the production line and internal SOPs Quality inspections
Incoming quality inspection How issues are detected Pass / fail rate
Production line process inspection Line test reviews Inspection of the final packaging before and after loading
Outgoing quality inspection Review prototypes and pilot builds
Management of third-party suppliers Review capacity and manufacturing capabilities
Packaging and shipment practices Root cause analysis
Billing method Billing method
Establishing communication Establishing communication
Capacity capability and risk assessment Capacity capability and risk assessment


Our audit packages ensure that factories work according to industry standards and have established quality and management processes. Additional focus points depend on which part of the product development lifecycle you are in.

Lone Star is the industry expert in supply chain management services in China and Taiwan. Whether you want to establish initial contact with a potential supplier, audit an existing supplier, resolve quality issues, or inspect goods prior to purchase, Lone Star is on the ground to help you streamline your production in China and Taiwan.

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injection molding

If you require support throughout the duration of your project, let us build it for you. For just a small percentage fee, Lone Star can help you:

Select a suitable factory Manage long lead time parts and third-party suppliers
Travel on-site for negotiations Conduct outgoing quality control (OQC)
Clarify requirements and specifications Production line set-up and inspection
Discuss designs for manufacturing (DFM) Qualification testing
Conduct incoming quality control (IQC) Packaging and packing inspection

With this package, factory visits are much more frequent and included in the overall cost. You will be surprised by how competitive our pricing is, especially considering the benefits of having a team on the ground in Asia. If you are busy managing other areas of your business, it makes sense to have Lone Star manage projects for you. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help.

Custom Production Line

If you’re already manufacturing in Taiwan or China but have encountered production or supply chain issues, you may want to consider opening a custom production line exclusively for your products. In doing so, Lone Star will locate the perfect manufacturing plant for your production needs and help you overcome the legalities involved in renting a factory as a foreign entity. Lone Star can even hire a team of professionals on your behalf.

When is the Right Time to Call Lone Star?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably already thinking about manufacturing in China or Taiwan. If that’s the case, it’s already the perfect time to call us and discuss your project requirements.


Let us help you build your product from
beginning to end.