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Factory Audit & Inspection  

Audit My Supplier >>

Thinking about buying from Alibaba or already in production?

  • Need someone to audit your supplier?
  • Got a production line down?
  • Understand root cause of failures?
  • Final inspection prior to shipment?
  • Save your travel budget
  • Hire a manufacturing expert

3 On-site Factory Visits

Three Factory Visits >>

Thinking about buying from Alibaba or already in production?

  • When your project needs more than one visit – most projects do!
  • Prior to purchase
  • During production
  • Final inspection
  • Coverage at critical times
  • Save travel costs
  • Send the expert

(see details below)

Factory Support Per Month

Cost Effective Supplier Management >>

Let me build your product for you from beginning to end

  • Travel costs included
  • Cheaper than adding headcount when you consider salaries, benefits, travel
  • Shortest duration is 3 months
  • We manage the project
  • We inspect everything including 3rd parties
  • Check every station and look for fallout
  • Instant status when you want
  • Drive to your schedule
  • Coordinate any request from long lead time parts to packaging

(see details below)



Factory Visit Services are a cost-effective way to manage a source you’ve selected at a cost less than travel expenses from North America to Asia. This service includes a video call before, during, and after the visit, as well as a detailed audit report with photographs. Lone Star has a template for the audit report and also includes a section that is determined by you.

There are at least 3 times where the Factory Visit Service can help you –

1. The first time is ideally to have a factory audit prior to purchasing from an unknown source.

The audit report includes identifying:

– Key personnel and quality processes
– Incoming Quality Inspection
– Production Line Processes
– Outgoing Quality Inspection
– Management of 3rd party vendors
– Packaging and shipment practices
– Billing practices
– Communications
– Capacity
– Risk assessment

2. The second time would be to Inspect During Production –

The audit report includes identifying:

– Review of the production line and SOPs
– How issues are detected
– Review of test on the line
– Review Pilot Builds
– Review Capacity
– Root Cause Analysis
– Billing practices
– Communications
– Capacity
– Risk assessment

3. The third time when you could use Lone Star is to inspect goods prior to making your final payment to the factory and shipment.

– Inspect Goods


All audits include inspecting for industry standards for quality and management process that are present at mature factories.

Depending on what part of the product development lifecycle you are in, there are additional areas to focus on.

If you have identified a supplier and would like to reduce your risk by understanding their capabilities and capacity, then this is the ideal time to have an audit.

If you have started your project and are running into some issues or just want visibility into the project, then an audit is in order.

If you need inspection of your purchase prior to payment and shipment, an audit may be exactly what you need.

Besides the basic parts of an audit, you can customize the areas to check.



injection molding

If you require support for the duration of the project, then let us build it for you. For a small percentage, Lone Star can help you select a factory, be onsite for negotiations, requirements clarifications, DFM, IQC and management of long lead time parts, management of 3rd party suppliers, OQC, set up of the production line, qualification testing, inspection of production line, packaging, packing.

If Lone Star builds it, the factory visits are much more frequent and included in the cost of the purchase. You might be surprised how competitive our pricing is. If you are busy with other parts of your business, it might make sense to have Lone Star manage the project for you. You get the benefits of having a team in Asia.

1. Send your requirements, specs, drawings

2. Lone Star manages the project from beginning to end
– Frequent Factory Visits
– Benefits of having a team in Asia


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