Hard to find LCDs

You can source Liquid Crystal Displays different ways.

The NRE costs to develop new displays makes it difficult to source a completely new display unless your production quantities are going to be high.

If you need 1K, 2K, 5K or even 10K displays, consider modifying your design to use a display that is close to what you want.

Of course it is easier to use something that is in production now, but there are other options as well. Some displays were used in a product that has entered the end of life cycle. Some smaller manufacturers can offer these even with some customization. Prices can be very competitive.

Another option is to buy something that is made today.

The risk with this material is that some vendors are selling returned material which was not used either because they didn’t need it or it has been returned. There are a select few display makers that have relationships with the factories that can produce end of life material which are a much better choice.

So, either you have a large order and can get the attention of the LCD makers, or you find materials that are close to your design to customize, or find something that is or was in production.

I’ve got colleagues in the LCD industry. Even with the connections, it still comes down to due diligence.

Here’s an example of what I can get for you.

This is a display that has gone EOL. I found 4K parts that were purchased and put back onto the spot market. For this display, I’d only purchase them if I could have every part tested with my test jig. If you really need something quickly, this may be the way to go.

This display is EOL but still a great display to use. It is the TM030LDHT1 V2.

I also found a partner who could build them new for me at a little higher price but the parts would be pristine.

Here’s the photo. I’ve covered some custom marking to protect the original buyer.

Other LCDs that are extremely difficult to find in smaller quantities include automotive and industrial grade displays. If you have an application that needs an EOL or custom display, such as a 7”, 1280×768, IPS, LVDS or even a 12”, let me find it for you.


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