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We need product drawings and specifications. If you can provide a sample, that would be great.

We treat all client information as confidential. We will never share your product or personal information with anyone else. For your peace of mind, we will happily sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before the project starts.

We usually select factories we’ve worked with before. In fact, many of our partner factories were recommended by trusted colleagues. We always audit factories before deciding to work with them.

An audit includes a trip to the target factory, pre- and post-visit video calls, and a detailed audit report and recommendations. Audits are usually done before placing an order, but they can be helpful when problems arise, to inspect the production line, or before making a final payment to the factory. Our Build it For Me service includes as many factory visits as necessary to manage the project from beginning to end.

We accept wire transfers. Veem and PayPal are accepted for orders of  USD 2,000 or less.

Pre-payment requirements are project-based, depending on factory requirements. Factories usually require an advance payment of 30% – 50% to order parts. Audit services must be paid in full prior to the initial factory visit.

Sure! Some clients want to be there during factory audits. We’ll do everything we can to make that possible.

Our team makes frequent visits to the US and can arrange a visit to your company.

We don’t charge for quotes, but factories may have their own procedures. We will inform you in advance if there are any fees from the factory. The more you can tell us about your project, the more likely we can arrange a free quote. We only ask that you evaluate the quotation and provide a timely decision.

It depends. Production in Taiwan may be suitable for order volumes between 5K – 10K. Production in China may be a wise choice for high-quantity, price-sensitive orders. Contact us with more details about your project for our professional opinion.

Great question. Asian countries may work to a different schedule than you’re used to, which can cause frustration and confusion for American companies. Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in China and Taiwan, and most companies remain closed during this time. In China, employee turnover after Chinese New Year is around 30% – 60%, and new workers have to be recruited and trained. Orders build up and take longer to complete.

Aside from this, shipment by sea may be a viable option to reduce costs. Shipments by sea take around two months to receive.

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