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I’ll need drawings, specs, and a sample if you have it.

All client’s information is treated as confidential. I’m glad to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with your company.

I try to use factories that I’ve already done business with, and I’ll always audit a factory before I’ll work with them. Most of my factories were referred to me by colleagues who I have worked with before.

An audit includes a trip to the factory, pre and post conferences, detailed audit report and recommendations. Ideally this is done prior to placing the order with the factory, but can also be extremely useful when problems arise, or if you need inspection of the production line, or prior to final payment to the factory. Audits cost $2000 USD. Build It For Me includes as many visits to the factory as necessary to manage the project from beginning to end. Build It For Me pricing is included in the price of the product.

I accept wire transfer to my business account, Veem, and Paypal for $2K and less.

This varies from order to order as I have different arrangements with factories. Usually 30% to 50% is required for a factory to order parts. Audit services should be paid for prior to the factory visit.

Sure! Factory visits can be arranged. Some clients want to visit the factory.

Every few months, I’m in the US and can arrange a trip to visit your company.

Quotes are free but keep in mind that the factories need to win an order to continue to provide this free service. The more that you can tell me about your business, the easier it is for me to get quotes. I do expect in return that you evaluate the quote and provide a schedule for a decision.

It depends. If you have lower volumes (5-10K), Taiwan may be a good competitive choice. If you have higher volumes and every penny counts, China may be your best choice. Costs are increasing in China which makes Taiwanese factories more competitive.

In Asia, Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday and most businesses are closed. In addition in China, employee turnover is 30%-60% for various reasons. This means that new people have to be trained, and there are also many orders waiting. Besides this time, give yourself 2 months to ship by sea to reduce your costs.

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