I’ve never met a display technology that I didn’t want to study more and the Yiiisu is no exception.  If you’ve ever worked with a company in Taiwan, you know that everyone knows everyone here, especially in the display technology business.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rick Lin and Mingchun Chang at their demo housed at Acer’s Being Labs.  Rick is the CEO and has been working with display technologies for many years.   We have common friends in the Chilin Technology pack.  Mingchun is well-known in art circles.


If I understand correctly, this space used to be a Taiwanese air base and is in a spectacular city center location. Taiwan has many of these modern working and demo spaces.

This is also the home of the Mixbot!  If money is no object, and you need a drink mixed by a robot from order to payment to mixing, then serving up, then this will be your place.


The frame developed by Yiiisu is simple but made for artwork.  It can support up to 4K resolution and has an extremely large color gamut.  Every color code inside the yellow dotted line can be displayed.

With that said, the real power of Yiisu is in the app because this is where the artwork is.  Rick is passionate about working with gallery owners and artists to provide a platform for their artwork.

I can see this really being big with people who use AV installers to wire up their house.  Their clientele care about aesthetics.

I also think Yiiisu would be a great addition to a company for employees and visitors to enjoy.

If you enjoy artworks and technology, you may want to watch Yiiisu and see what Rick is up to next.


Let’s talk about hard-to-find displays and exciting new applications for them.  I can find any display including automotive grade and even ones for industrial applications.


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