As manufacturing becomes more complex, what are some common issues to look out for to ensure a smooth assembly line?

1. Inventory management

This critical area of the supply chain tracks materials from suppliers to warehouses and then to the end point of sale. Good inventory management ensures that the correct materials are in the right place at the right time. Moreover, it is crucial for companies with complex supply chains and manufacturing processes to keep the right balance between too much and too little inventory. Tight inventory management brings many benefits that raise profits, improve the cash flow, and satisfy customers. If one part is disrupted or mismanaged, the whole supply chain will experience delays.

2. Quality control

Manufacturers should manufacture products to industry standards and have strict measures in place to ensure product quality is on point. A quality control procedure involves testing units to ensure they comply with final specifications. Tests are conducted to determine whether any manufacturing processes need to be corrected. A good quality control system allows companies to provide better products to consumers.

In short, quality control is a part of the manufacturing process that should remain invisible to the end customer. If customers find problems with the finished product, then there are shortcomings in the quality control procedure. Ideally, any quality issues should be caught and resolved before shipping.

3. Long lead times

Another common issue in assembly line planning is long lead times. Manufacturers should have a strong relationship with their suppliers and plan for long lead times in advance. Unexpected delays happen, and being part of a manufacturing ecosystem will offer support if you do not have alternative plans. Misjudging lead times will impact the amount of stock you need and could even increase inventory costs. 

Each stock item will have an assigned supplier, and each supplier will have its own lead time. Source alternate suppliers if there are delays, and make sure your new suppliers have stock available for immediate supply. Therefore, regular communication and supplier updates are vital to ensure accurate lead times on these critical products. 

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