The Chinese New Year (CNY) is a significant event in the Asian calendar, bringing unique challenges to global supply chains. In 2024, as businesses around the world prepare to navigate these disruptions, understanding and effectively managing the Asian supply chain is crucial.

The ripple effect of CNY is substantial on global trade. Manufacturing giants like China, or other Asian countries like Taiwan, Vietnam etc., which play a pivotal role in the global supply chain, experience a near-complete shutdown, affecting industries worldwide. From electronics to textiles, various sectors feel the pinch as supply chains get disrupted. Understanding this global impact is vital for businesses, especially those dependent on Asian markets, to prepare for the supply chain challenges that arise during this period.

Let’s delve into strategies for dealing with the disruptions caused by CNY 2024.

When Is The CNY In 2024? 

The Chinese New Year, (or the Lunar New Year), is a significant traditional holiday celebrated in various East Asian nations such as China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and both North and South Korea. The celebration dates change annually as they are based on the lunar calendar.

The key dates of CNY 2024: 

  • 2024 Chinese New Year’s Eve: February 9, 2024
  • 2024 Chinese New Year’s Day: February 10, 2024
  • 2024 Chinese New Year Holiday: February 10, 2024 – February 17, 2024

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Schedule Of The CNY 2024 For Asian Supply Chain

Here is a reference schedule for supply chain during CNY 2024 look like. Please note that factories and ports take 4-6 weeks to return to normal. All you need to do is that checking the public holidays for planning your shipping schedule for this period. You can use this schedule for Asian countries celebrating the Lunar New Year (LNY) as a reference, make sure to check your schedule carefully.

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Understanding The Cultural Impact

Appreciating the cultural significance of CNY can enhance relationships with Asian suppliers and partners. Recognizing their holiday period and planning accordingly shows respect and understanding of their culture, which is highly valued in business relationships.

Localized Solutions

Each Asian country may experience the CNY period differently. Tailoring strategies to specific regions is crucial. For instance, the impact in mainland China might be different from that in Singapore or Vietnam.

The Difference Between Chinese New Year (CNY) and Lunar New Year (LNY)

Question: Should we use Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year? And are there even any differences between the two?

Good question. Despite being related, there are a few noteworthy differences between the two. Let’s distinguish them. 

Chinese New Year is celebrated in China, where it is a public holiday and one of the biggest celebrations of the year. 

The Lunar New Year is celebrated on different dates by a variety of Asian countries including Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, South Korea, and across parts of Southeast Asia.

The article main focuses on supply chain in CNY 2024, but we will give you the timeline of LNY 2024 for businesses that have worked with other Asian countries like Taiwan, Vietnam.

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Challenges: How Will CNY 2024 Affect The Supply Chain?

Slow Down Production: Factory Shutdowns and Workforce Shortages

The shutdowns lead to a halt in production. Moreover, the workforce, often migrant workers in countries like China, travels back to their hometowns. This exodus results in labor shortages, affecting the post-CNY production ramp-up.

High Shipping Demands, Costs and Time

The pre-CNY period witnesses a surge in shipping activities as businesses rush to stock up before the shutdown. This rush results in port congestion, longer lead times, and increased shipping costs. Low supply and high demand lead to inflated prices. Post-CNY, the scenario reverses with a slow restart to operations, causing further delays.

Container and Vessel Shortages For Exports

Regarding exports, there is often a scarcity of containers and vessels. This shortage stems primarily from a chain reaction of various factors, beginning with an increase in global demand coupled with operational difficulties, all of which are exacerbated during the Chinese New Year period.

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Solutions: How Can I Prepare Supply Chain Strategies For CNY 2024?

Evaluate and Pre-book Your Logistic Partners For Availability During Holidays

Evaluate your logistics partners for their experience, dependability, and historical performance in managing shipments during the Lunar New Year. Opt for carriers renowned for efficiently and transparently handling peak season and holiday freight. Verify that your logistics provider is equipped with adequate resources to meet the demands and potential emergencies of CNY 2024.

Anticipate your shipping needs and reserve vessel or container space with your carrier at competitive rates ahead of time. Due to the increased demand for transportation services during the holiday period, early booking is key to ensuring that your cargo is prioritized and handled efficiently.


Check the public holidays for planning your shipping schedule. Discuss with your logistics partners to understand their capabilities, anticipate any possible disruptions, and establish contingency plans for delays. It’s important to ensure mutual understanding about your shipping requirements, expected delivery times, and associated costs. 

Diversifying Alternative Sources and Routes

Exploring alternative sourcing strategies and logistic routes is crucial. This might involve identifying new suppliers in different regions or countries that do not observe CNY or are less affected by it.

Freight Forwarding and Shipping Alternatives

Partnering with reliable freight forwarders who can provide alternative shipping routes and solutions is essential. They can offer insights into less congested ports or alternative shipping methods that bypass the usual delays during CNY.

Let Lone Star Help You Manage Your Supply Chain From Beginning To End. 

As we approach the Chinese New Year 2024, businesses face the annual challenge of navigating through the complexities of supply chain disruptions. Effective management during this period requires careful planning, a deep understanding of the potential challenges, and proactive measures to ensure continuity and efficiency.

At Lone Star, we are committed to helping businesses like yours manage these unique challenges. Our expertise in supply chain management, combined with a thorough understanding of the nuances of the Lunar New Year period, positions us as a valuable partner in your planning and execution. With Lone Star, you can rest assured that your supply chain needs are in capable hands, ensuring that your business remains resilient and efficient even during peak seasons like the Chinese New Year.

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