Lone Star gives insight into factories in China


Lone Star can map out the key personnel at a factory of your choice or help you find the right factory.

  • PCB Assembly
  • Injection Molds
  • Medical and non-medical grade plastics
  • LED Lighting
  • Cut, punched, or extruded metal parts
  • Cables
  • CNC Glass
  • Unique technologies – glass cutting, unusual displays at smaller quantities
  • Laser Cut Glass – paper thin
  • 3D Glass – Heat Molded
  • Automotive and standard grade displays
  • On-site Supply Chain Management

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What Clients Say

“Kara’s company offers high quality services, excellent pricing, and great customer service.” (read more)

– Phil Chivers, Project Manager
ABG Tag and Traq, Inc.

“Kara is a focused, effective and reliable communicator with a deep understanding of manufacturing …” (read more)

– Scott Eddins
Inception Lighting

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Why Hire LoneStar Technology

Kara’s focus is to provide customers with world class support and to be the voice of the customer.

Lone Star Technology can manufacture almost any product including PCBAs and  injection-molded plastics to extruded  metal parts.

If you’ve selected a vendor but you just want to see and know more, but your time is needed on other work I can be your eyes and ears for less than travel costs to China.

American owned makes discussions and visibility simple.

Take advantage of quality supply chains in Taiwan and let us build your product.

LoneStar Technology is your link to Taiwan.

When building a product, we leave no stone unturned.

Leave Nothing to Chance.

We are dedicated to making your project successful with proactive management.

We can find anything.


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