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One observation over these few years is that many people are trying to build products and also source from Alibaba.  As someone who buys from Taiwan and China, I would NEVER send money to a factory that I have not audited nor do business with a company that won’t let me inspect.  The key is understanding how they control quality.
  • About half of the companies that I’ve visited in Shenzhen turn out to be sales offices with limited knowledge about how their products are made. 
  • Let’s talk about why samples you purchase are different from production samples. Getting a sample isn’t enough.
I’m frequently asked about the enforcement of contracts in China.  You are better off making sure your chosen factory understands what you want by specifying as many details and tests as possible.
Building a product in China can be a good idea due to proximity of factories with different technologies.  Let’s discuss your plans more and reduce your risk as there are some quick steps you can take to protect your investment.